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Hi there! I'm a Japanese national living in Manila and made this site for those who would like to learn Japanese Language. Now I am improving this site by adding more pages.

If you are determined to master Nihongo, click Learning Materials . You will learn basic like how to write with the correct stroke until you will pass Nihongo Proficiency Test N-1 or (日本語能力試験 Nihongo Nōryoku Shiken) .Click here to learn how to write Hiragana

This is good site for caregivers who intend to work at hospitals and homes for aged in Japan.

From Click Japanese songs you can improve your pronunciation and learn Japanese auxiliary words, or suffices e.g.は:wa を:O. ”I love you”. Watashi(”I”)wa anata(you)o aishiteimasu(love) What are wa and o ?
If "-o" is attached to a word, the word is the target of the motion in the sentence

The picture is Lord Ohishi Shrine of 47 samurai. I notice many Filipino people think Samurai is Japanese sword (Nihonto or Katana). I think Americans taught wrong Japanese to Filipino people after the World War II. Samurai is the soldier. One of the popular movies is 47 Ronin, jobless soldier or samurai who lost their lord. The Japanese original story title is 赤穂浪士四十七士 ako roshi 47 , 47 ako jobless soldiers. Ako is the name of place, now Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture.